Konečne je tu iPhone verzia vášho najobľúbenejšieho televízneho kvízu na kolesách.
Na Slovensku a v Čechách ho poznáte pod názvom Taxík.
Celosvetovú popularitu si získal pod názvom Cash Cab.
Stiahnite si aplikáciu, overte si svoje vedomosti a hlavne sa zabávajte!

The popular TV quiz show on wheels – Cash Cab – is now available to download for you to play on your device. In Slovak and Czech Republic it is known as Taxik.
It’s the fast-paced, fact-driven, backseat game show fans can now play without hailing a taxi. Answer multiple questions from categories such as science, history, popular culture and more without making a mistake. If you make three mistakes you must leave the Cash Cab, there will also be tools along the way to help you on your journey.
Download the app, test your knowledge and have fun!